The advantages of using the Infinity 2.8 VS pool pump motor, named Best Green Product of the 2012 International Pool Spa Patio Expo, and the Infinity 1.25 VS motor are showcased in this new video presentation. Watch now!

Breakthrough Motor Technology
for the Mainstream

Inefficient electric motors consume more than 60% of all electricity generated in the U.S. today. But there's a better way to build motors. Lines of SNTech motors include dozens of breakthrough innovations unique to the HVAC, refrigeration, pool pump motor and spa motor markets. Learn more about some of the most reliable, versatile and energy efficient motors in the world.

The Line of SNTech Motors

It's time for a smarter motor
The Green Motor uses 33% to 50% less electricity than most motors currently in service. Its smart technology includes patented wireless programming and command control that's an industry first. It has a simpler design, fewer parts and it's easier to install, repair and replace.
Energy Consumption Chart
  • OEM and aftermarket applications
  • Lower vibration and noise
  • Lighter weight
  • Superior adaptability
  • Customizable command, control and performance
  • Broader operating range
Unmatchable value through unmatched engineering
Dyna-Tech is a full line of motors for the pool and spa markets. For quick installation, long life and easy serviceability, they're the preferred choice for above-ground pool, in-ground pool, commercial pool, spa and other standard applications. Dyna-Tech motors have a history of ongoing reliability and durability.

18-Month Warranty

Proudly Made in America

  • High efficiency
  • Unmatched engineering
  • Leading edge technology
  • Durability
  • Quality and value
You won't hear the advanced technology
There's much more to the Infinity pool pump motor than energy efficiency. It's lighter and more compact than typical induction motors and operates so quietly you almost can't hear it. Featuring TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) construction and a high-strength bearing system, the Infinity motor is as tough and reliable as it is smart.

Infinity 2.8 VS--
Named Best Green Product at the 2012 International Pool Spa Patio Expo

  • High efficiency
  • multi- and variable-speed designs
  • Nearly noiseless
  • Easy connection to any pump housing
  • Compliant with Variable Speed Motor Requirements
  • Tough and reliable