Pool pump motors

The variable speed design of the Infinity motor and its ability to connect to any pump housing make it ideal for pool pump applications. Its extraordinary efficiency is due to its innovative axial flux permanent magnet AC design. Compared to a single speed induction motor, the Infinity motor is highly energy efficient and can save end users hundreds of dollars in energy costs annually.

1.25 VS Highlights

Ideal for residential pools

  • 1.25 HP
  • 3-Speed, variable speed
  • Square flange and C-face models
  • Adjustable RPM
  • Pre-set time control
  • Water repelling seal
  • 230V

1.25 VS Features

  • Tough and reliable
  • Nearly noiseless operation
  • Compliant with variable speed energy mandates
  • Easy drop-in installation—attaches to the existing pump
  • Square flange and C-face models
  • Lightweight, compact, elegant design
  • Intuitive top-mounted system controls
  • High temperature rating (60°C) extends motor life
  • TECF (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) construction

1.25 VS Specifications

Model 50ECS13VN0001 50ECC13VN0002
Voltage 208-230V±10% 208-230V±10%
Part Number SN003 SN053
Flange Square Round/C-Face
HP 1.25 1.25
Service Factor 1.0 1.0
Default High 3450 RPM 3450 RPM
Default Medium 2600 RPM 2600 RPM
Default Low 1725 RPM 1725 RPM
Power Electronics Integrated Integrated
Motor Technology Permanent Magnet AC Permanent Magnet AC
Enclosure Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC)
Bearing System Locked Ball Bearing Locked Ball Bearing
Size 11.5" Length x 5.5" Diameter (Over Fins) 12.5" Length x 5.5" Diameter (Over Fins)